In 1298, Marco Polo was the first who introduced the Silkies to the western world. He was amazed to saw the chicken with black skin and having hair like a cat when he traveled to China. Among most of the chicken breed,Black Silkie Chicken is most loved and popular. They are having extraordinarily sweet temperament. Originally, they were breed in China. They are still eaten and kept today. They are having black bones as well as skin and have five toes instead of four. In addition, silkie hens are known as wonderful mothers.


They belong to class “Feather-legged bantam”.


The Black Silkie Chicken has unusual fluffy and downy feathering. Their flesh is dark grey, while their face, bones and skin is black. Like unusual feathering, the number of their toes is also unusual i.e. 5 instead of normal 4. They have grey-bluish beaks. Their legs are also covered with feathers. Their earlobes are having a beautiful shade of turquoise blue. The fluffiness makes them look much bigger than they actually are – and makes them feel very soft to the touch. They are having grey feet as well. Their coms are in the shade of dark mulberry shade.


In the ancient Chinese writing’s, about black silkie chicken there is a massive amount of information.

  • Because of their temperament, they are known as trusting, friendly and calm.
  • Because of their downy feathers, they cannot fly and are easy target for predators.
  • They are kept as a family pet.
  • They are having medicinal powers.
  • Silkies are able to produce an important anti-oxidant, that’s why they are mostly used in Chinese medicines.
  • They love friendly company and attention.
  • Black Silkie Chicken don’t like wet and muddy habitats because they have fur like feathers. They stay happy in dry and contained places.
  • They do not do well in cold climates because their fur is not very thick.
  • Their eggs are comparatively small and are of creamy-brown color.
  • They are not good egg-layers.
  • They can lay 100 to120 eggs a year. Sometimes, they stop laying eggs in summer.
An adult, male black Silkie weighs about four pounds (1.8 kg), while the female weighs three pounds (1.36 kg).
Cuisines of Black Silkie:
  • In Singapore, Black silkie soup is famous and sold.
  • In American and European cuisines, black meat is essential.
  • Black meat is including among an important ingredients of Chinese soup.


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