Electrical eel


Mostly, in the waters of South America, Electric Eel is found. Through 28ft in still water, it has a capacity to generate electric shock of 500volt. This shock is having a capability to harm large mammals which include humans also. Due to it complex system of circulation, it needs airy surface after 10 minutes. In calm water, it lives in muddy beds and likes to eat small mammals and fish. It is closely related to the catfish. Electric shock of electrical eel is used to shock its prey. In the abdomen of electrical eel, pairs of organs that produce electric shock is present. The organs that produced electricity carry almost 80% of eels’ body while 20% of its body has body survival organs.



In South America, Electric Eel is found in the basins of River Amazon and Orinoco. It is also lives in floodplains, small rivers, swamps, creeks and coastal plains. On muddy bottoms of the stagnant waters it also lives.


Electric Eel lives to feed on invertebrates as well as small mammals and fish. While their juveniles are like to eat shrimps and crabs.


Electrical Eel is having a unique breeding behavior. In dry season, females lay eggs in the nest that is made by male eel. From one nest, about 3000 young produced at the time of hatching. Than females, males are much smaller. The young eels are like to eat mostly the invertebrates that are found on the river bed.



  • Electrical eel has cylindrical and elongated body.
  • Its length is about 6 ft. 7 inches.
  • Its weight is 20 kg that makes it the largest specie among Gymnotiformes.
  • Their belly has a coloration of yellow or orange while on back dark gray-brown color is visible.
  • Mature males having belly color darker.
  • It has no scales.
  • At the end of snouts, their square shaped mouth is present.
  • There are two chambers of swim bladders.
  • The inner ear is connected to anterior chamber.
  • Along the whole length of the body, the posterior chamber extends which helps to maintain the fish’s buoyancy.
  • Its hearing sense is well-developed.
  • Respiration occurs to epithelial tissue that is located in its buccal cavity.

There are three pairs of abdominal organs which are mainly produces electricity. Two major organs are the Sach’s organ and the Hunter’s organ. Four-fifths part of its body made by these two organs. These organs generate the electricity of high as well as low voltage. These electricity generated organs are made up of electrolytes. Ions are flowing in these organs. To the electrolytes, the brain conducts a signal through the nervous system when eel sees its prey. Similar to the battery, electric current is generated due to the electric potential difference. For few milliseconds, an electric eel makes a shock of 860 watts which makes an adult human dead. At the rates of several hundred hertz, Hunter’s organ can discharge signals. Among all of the Gymnotiformes, an electric eel is having a unique place.




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