Flasher Wrasse, as a juvenile has orange coloration with blue vertical stripes and known as Red fin Flasher Wrasse or Carpenter’s Wrasse. When Flasher Wrasse becomes adult, its coloration changes of yellow with blue horizontal stripes. Three elongated rays are present in their dorsal fin. In courtship, the coloration of males becomes more to strengthen while the overall appearance of females is more subdued. Large dorsal and anal fins are absent in females. Flasher Wrasse is a jumper that’s why it requires larger aquarium with a tight-fitting lid or 55 gallon water. Males display his coloration when females encourage them. Flasher Wrasse is known as peaceful tank mate. Its scientific name is Paracheilinus carpenter. In reef community, Flasher Wrasse adds the beauty this community. It is found in the Malay Archipelago and in the western part of the Indian Ocean.


Approximate Purchase Size:
  • Juvenile/Female: 1-1/2″ to 2″
  • Yong Male: 2″ to 2-1/2″
  • Male: 2-1/2″ to 3″


Flasher Wrasse mostly eats the food like:

  • Vitamin enriched frozen Mysis shrimp
  • Vitamin enriched frozen brine shrimp
  • Meaty foods along with a high quality marine flake
  • Marine pellet food
  • Raw table shrimp, squid, clam, and mussel



It has PH ranges 8.1-8.4.

  • 020-1.025
  • 72-78ºF (22-26°C)
  • Its body coloration is red/orange.
  • On his entire body, white blue narrow stripe are present.
  • It has dorsal fin with dark orange coloration.
  • With blue edges, other fins have red coloration.
  • In a community of reef aquarium, carpenter’s flasher wrasse is including among friendly species.
  • Flasher Wrasse cannot live with aggressive fish or large wrasses.
  • In one tank, only one male can live.
  • Ornamental invertebrates such as shrimps are not hurted by Carpenter’s flasher wrasse therefore known as reefs saves.
  • It shows shy behavior, when introduces to new tank.
  • Flasher Wrasse is born as protogynous hermaphrodite.
  • Dominant females’ progresses into a male when dominant males die.
  • In comparison, females are smaller than males and males are colorful and larger in size.
  • In the open water, Flasher Wrasse releases their eggs therefore it is known as egg scatterers.
  • Male follows the female in sort of dance during the mating.


  • Flasher Wrasse belongs to the family called as
  • It has reef Compatibility.
  • Flasher Wrasse survives in 20 gallon which is its minimum tank capacity.
  • Its tank set-up should contain plants and Coral or rock.
  • It has peaceful temperament.
  • Flasher Wrasse has no specified swimming level.
  • It is known as plankton feeder in the wild.





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