In 2006, Advocate Colleen Paige who is the celebrity of Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare was founded. There are total 1200 national days.

It is the day that celebrated in the whole world and inspires us to give special care and attention to their pets. National Pet Day is held on 11th April. Special attention is given to those pets that are living in shelters and wish to go their homes, especially. By the American Pet Products Association, the latest survey shows that 81% owners of different pets are having a belief that owning a pet is beneficial to their own health. This day is healthful for those pets that are orphans and the company of someone helps to improve their health. For the relief from worry and stress, pet adoption is best way. We can help ill person for his recovery by using a pet.

Pet day shows that how much we love with their pets. This is a biggest opportunity to show our love and affection for them. Around us there are many pets that want love, attention and care. This day develops awareness among the people for the abused pets.


We can celebrate pet day in many ways that is:

  • From rescue organization or from local shelter we can adopt a pet.
  • We can offer a free care and attention for pets at your local shelter.
  • To your most favorite animal welfare organization, you can donate toys, blanket and food.
  • Assist your friends to purchase a pet.
  • At meal time, give your pet an extra and special meal.
  • With your pet we can take photos of playful moments.
  • On social media, you must share your funniest photo with your loving pet.
  • By watching your favorite animal movie with them.
  • On pet friendly restaurant, you make a reservation about National Pet Day.



We love with different pets due to various reasons. Some of these are:

  1. Best companions:

Pets are best companions as well as they are most devoting and loving creatures. Our stress and loneliness is cured by these pets. They change their daily routine to us. After some time, they live with you as a family member.

  1. Best Motivators:

They help us to keep up our daily schedule. Our lives are meaningful by helping and caring the pets. They give structure of our lifestyle. Pets teach us who we maintain discipline in our life. They also motivate the skills how to manage our time. Our pet develops the habit to get up early in the morning.

  1. Meaningful life:

They give us the true meanings of life. Pets teach us the lesson of love, care and attention for each other. They are faithful to us. Upon each other, you develop a mutual reliance.

Having a pet is a wonderful experience. They give you strength as well as keep you busy. Their existence and their habits are beneficial to our health.



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