Cockatiel is generally regarded as good pets or companion parrots. They have a sweet demeanor. They are people friendly and intelligent. Cockatiel is the number one pet bird in America. Cockatiels are also talented whistlers, and male cockatiels are particular known for their whistle serenades.


Its scientific name is Nymphicus hollandicus. Its life span is 10 to 14 years. A well-cared-for cockatiel can live for more than 20 years. The adult Cockatiel weighs 3.2 oz.

Natural Habitat:

Cockatiels are native to the semi-arid regions of Australia. Cockatiels readily breed in the wild. Wild cockatiels fly to the ground to forage for food. Wild cockatiels are always on alert for predators and are light sleepers. A cockatiel find its way back to its perch by leaving a night light on in its room.


The position of a cockatiel’s crest feathers can tell you its mood. Straight-up crest feathers can mean the bird is startled or highly curious. A defensive cockatiel will hold its crest feathers flattened close to its head. It also hiss if it is stressed. Male cockatiels often seek out mirrors and other reflective items to whistle to. Cockatiels also like toys with hard-plastic elements, such as beads to fiddle with. Cockatiels can be taught to whistle back to you on cue but generally they are not known for their trained tricks.

Care & Feeding:

A cockatiel needs a cage spacious enough to accommodate multiple perches, toys, food bowls and have plenty of room to flap its wings without hitting them against anything. A cage with a large door front is ideal because it makes it easier to return a cockatiel to its cage. Cockatiels are social birds and thrive when given opportunities to interact with you. A healthy cockatiel diet includes commercially balanced diets, fresh vegetables and some seed.

Angry Bird Birds Cockatiel
Health & Common Conditions:

It is normal for a cockatiel to sneeze a few times a day to clear out dust or dander from its nares. Cockatiels are excellent fliers and need more frequent wing clipping than other parrot species because they are capable of flying not long after having their feathers trimmed. Cockatiels molt (shed old feathers and begin growing new ones) a couple times a year. A main health concern for female cockatiels is chronic egg-laying, which can deplete her body of vital minerals and calcium, as well as egg binding, in which the hen is unable to pass an egg.

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