The largest class of phylum Arthropoda is called insects. They are having jointed legs, external skeletons and segmented bodies. They are different from arthropods in terms of their body. Their body is divided into three regions. First one is head which includes the mouthparts, a pair of antennae and eyes. Second part is consisting of three-segmented thorax and the third part having many-segmented abdomen which includes the digestive, excretory, and reproductive organs. Insects are including among the successful group of all animals. Now they have about 1 million described species. Majority of insects are having small size. They show diverse behavior.



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ARULENUS MIAE   ECOLOGY & HABITAT: ARULENUS MIAE is founded in the Mindanao Island which is located in Philippine and in Davao. These species are also found in the rainforest mountainous habitats as well according to the consulted maps. In the tropical mountain rainforests, these species occupies high elevation of …

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