Birds are species whose bodies are covered with feathers and they have wings. Birds are warm-blooded animals. Most of the birds can fly. Birds are put in the class aves. There are 10,000 species of birds worldwide. They are divided into 30 living orders. Birds produce their children by laying eggs. Scientists believes that birds come from the age of dinosaurs about 145 million years ago. Archaeopteryx lithographica was the first birdlike animal, which lived during Jurassic period.

There are small birds like Mellisuqa Helenae and large birds for example Struthio Camelus. Weighing up to 12 kg, Wandering Albatross, Measuring from 8.3 ft to 11.8 ft, it has the largest wingspan of any bird. The largest living bird, a member of the Struthioniformes, is the ostrich (Struthio camelus), from the plains of Africa and Arabia. A large male ostrich can reach a height of 2.8 m (9.2 ft) and weigh over 156 kg (344 lb). Birds that fly have normal size because larger birds need more energy to fly. Extinct Diatrymia gigantean were 7 feet tall, they were flightless birds.

Birds have feathers that grow out of the skin. No other animals have this quality. Feathers provide shelter against water and heat loss. They are light but very strong. Feathers helps birds in flying by pushing against the air during flight. Different species have different color feathers. The groups without wings are extinct Moas and Elephant birds.

Special birds like corvids and parrots are known as intelligent birds. Many species of birds migrates annualy. Birds live in almost every environment and every place, from mountains to ground level. The most widespread specie is  Barn Owl(Tyto alba),which is found everywhere except Austrailia and Antarctica.

Birds does not give birth to young but they reproduce by laying eggs. Eggs are adopted in a terrestrial environment, and have porous shell made of calcium carbonate. They have beaks and they have no teeth. They swallow their food without chewing.



Cockatiel: Cockatiel is generally regarded as good pets or companion parrots. They have a sweet demeanor. They are people friendly and intelligent. Cockatiel is the number one pet bird in America. Cockatiels are also talented whistlers, and male cockatiels are particular known for their whistle serenades. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Its scientific name …

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